Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekend again O.o

Its a weekend again.


I'm still breadth.. and ...

met weekend again..

Not a relax weekend ..

But a BUSY weekend..

TASKS are waiting to do.

a lot of thingss

- Tasks;

- Quizess

- Exercises;

- Assignments;

- Presentations;

- Test

n many more n moree ...

hope all those work can be nice to me

= happy

haha : ))

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Salam Maal Hijrah , 1434 :)


To all muslim..

Salam Maal Hijrah, 1434H..

Happy new year Hijrah..

Hope this year we'll be better muslim than before..

insyALLAH.. lets improve our self together in achieving and BE A Good Muslim..

not only as stated in our Identity card ..

* as reminder for me also

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Urrrr :~

yesterday . right after maghrib. I got the sms from KPT...

Suddenly.. I got this...

and I reject the offer right after that...

very shocked.

and weird..

since when I apply Politeknik.?

and I already have my diploma and now further degree.

InsyALLLAH :-)


However, thanks for the offer KPT..

I already reject the offer as I'm now furthering studies for degree

*give others chance to further their studies there.

gdluck guyss , all d best ! ;)

 just the simple entry.

*too much work, test n asgnment right now. 

got to go.. c u then ~

Sunday, November 4, 2012



finally.. mid sem break come to the end..

Although it is still not enough for me..

but I had went through the best moment along the break.

spend time with friends and family equally..

But im so sorry, because I can't meet my bestie..

"so sorry girls, next time InsyALLAH"


I'm very grateful as I manage to meet my collegemate, not only meet but also

hang out for a while as we make noise at food court Alamanda just like our college's cafeteria. hehehe :D

Only meet for a while. but it is better than nothing.

We meet as for our big day.


enjoy some pic here ^.*

with farah <3

with farah n ziza

friends <3


Girlss <3

my classmate
after rehearsel @ alamanda about 4pm

with nisa

with iefa

wee ;D

with farah
8pm, 30.10.2012

my lovely roomates<3

classmates <3

classmates <3
NOT ALL of us..

Finally !

with  my lovely nephew
Aiman & iman

thats all for tonight

tomorrow UiTM students are going back to our campus.

Including me *waaaaaaaa. berat nyee nak balik + keje pn xsiap lg niee :-(

end of mid sem break already -.-'  we'll wait for sem break..

goodnight everybody..

 Assalamualaikum ;)