Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Family Member

Hey guys !


actually. dont know where to start from..


so, you just need to scroll down n see my new family member.

and not to forget my ex-classmate.

classmate dip integrated logistics management.

Kolej Profesional Mara Bandar Penawar, Johor.

we are friends, we are family.

will always miss you guys ;)

and finally. . . 

our big day..

30.10.2012 @ PICC

* proud to be one of students of Kolej Profesional MARA . 

thanks a lot MARA !

that all for now. 

will update again later.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miss Kak Long's Children

Do you like kids??

I love kids so much..

and now I do really miss my nephews

Kak Long's children... 

hope will meet them as soon as possible..

Ammar the oldest, 10 years old , Mierun 4 years old, iman 3 years old


while Iman is still baby

n this is izzun


note : Kak Long... im really miss them :(

Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 12

Assalamualaikum :-)

hye everyone!

Actually, we are in week 12 already..

don't be like this 

exam is just around the corner..

be careful and alert that..


as exam is just around everyone will be like in "stress mood"



many thing need to be do,

goodluck guys! ;)

Hello december 2012 ;-)


Hye everyone ~

do you realize that we are in the of the year 2012

yeah.. we are reached December,

the last month of the year ;)

hope I' ll meet next, next and next next december . insyALLAH..

however, there is lot of things need to be do.

as exam is just around.

cepat nye masa berlalu

nak abes part 1 sudah

all the best guys ;-)