Wednesday, October 31, 2012


im currently updating my blog..

the background and many things.

sorry for inconvience yeahh ;-)

Finally. ..


hye guys. long time no update.

heee :D

30 Oct 2012 my big day..

not my wedding ceremony. but its my convocation day.

it was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

just nearby my home

people said " untung laa rumah dekat" haha

Alhamdulillah.. everything done. run smoothly. 

n this is me

just me n farah left there

What I want to share with all of you is..

i've never2 regret took this way which 

agree to further my studies a@ Kolej Profesional Mara Bandar Penawar (KPMBP)

as diploma student. 

actually, after SPM i've been offered to Matriculation in Penang and...

at the same time I got KPM offer. both I got as I applied.

and on that time I was in dilemma. either to choose KPMBP or matriculation.

finally.. i made a decision to further at KPMBP..

for your information.. I dont know what is KOlej Profesional Mara..

It is not famous as other colleges and education places..

I just tried to applied and I got it! 

I got my second choice course that is..

Diploma In Integrated Logistics Management..

seriously.. I blur.. zero about the course im taking..

that is the RISK at that time..

I ask Mr G about logistics and the related information on that field.

but its okay. just enter and try to learnt new things..

after few months there... I comfortable with the course

and start fall in love with Logistics as I know and get some information about that.

yeahh <3 logistics so much..

many thing I learnt at KPMBP..

ok. this is my college

KPMBP taught me a lot ! lot of things ~

the environment, our skills., 

and again Alhamdulillah. my friend and me got knowledge and basics

thanks to all.

parents, lecturers, friend and beloved classmates..

and 1 thing I want to share is..

dont look down on people, no matter where he/she study,

the quality is important..

I know that not all people know about Kolej Profesional Mara.

peolple thinks that it is a private and it is a non-well known IPT.

but its okay..

I learnt many things from there..



my classmates were send to United Kingdom tp further their studies

and insyALLAH.. there will be 2 person also will fly to Tasmania, Australia.

and today (30th Oct2012)  the rest of us are officially

fresh graduated from MARA..

and now I need to focus to degree.

pray for me. 

thanks for drop by ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

hye October .")


hey guys !

long time no update..

In a short time, everything change.

just in a short time !

Alhamdulillah.. i got what I want, what I dream off.

on 15th Sept 2012, i got the offer to further my studies at UiTM..


and from here, I need to do many things as my registration is on 18th Sept 2012.

can you imagine how rushing I am?? huh -.-'

its ok. i take this as challenges. . .

as i already get what I want. I take it . I grab it!

I did the procedure 1 by 1 with the help from parents and cousins.

finally. done !

before that, I'm so sorry because I've no enough time to tell all of my friend.

As i was rushing on that time, sorry guys.

* As they are quite angry with me as I have not tell them I got the offer..

in the morning of 18th sept2012, I dropped at office first,

give my resign letter together with my work pass.

and met all the sisters, brothers and friend there to say goodbye.

very sad as i never thought that I will go from there as fast as that time,,

however, I had a very good time with them. help and do the task given..

and have the good time with them. and a big celebration, "Merdeka Raya"

with akak sal
in preparing the food

Alhamdulillah.. everything went smoothly..

okay. after dropped at office, I straightly went to UiTM puncak alam for registration.

arrived here at 11.30 a.m. an hour journey, 80km from putrajaya.

settled with my registration, and something left at home that those are important things.

my IC , wallet and handphones.

then go back home and 19th Sept morning came back here.

that my officially moved here..

met my roommate and housemate.

then I and my roommates , Wani from Kedah went to office as to register our name.

It is because, our name are not appear in student portal.

we met coordinator, it takes time. and the day after tomorrow then we can register..

Unfortunately, our class are full and we can not register. We then decided to went to the office.

As to settle all before we enter the class as the validation day is around the corner.

Finally .. We done!

We start enter the class on 24th September 2012, Monday :)

Although there is barrier to us, but we can face and overcome the problems.

Alhamdulillah. . . :)

will continue later. enjoy yaa ~ ;-)

now I'm here..